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Type: Experimental Exploration
Technologies: Making, Sketch, Printing, Font Design, QR Code, Multiple Materials

Our documents and electronic data can be archived through cloud documents, so how should we store our human body if we want to store it? If our flesh is a small component in big data, how do we evolve as the data content becomes more and more massive? Are we likely to be gradually torn apart and finally integrated into a small drop in the data pool?

Digital Nirvana is a process of iterative upgrading of self-consciousness, in which I, as the protagonist, upgrade myself in the data pool and immerse myself in it. So each iteration is named by an overlap of each of my name words. This is a reflection and imagination on the development of modern social data. If we were an electronic device like a bomb cell, with improvements in archiving, cloud drives, compression, etc, what would we end up in? This group of designs also includes the composition of font design. All texts are made up of this font. In this setup, we are immersed in a data pool and deeply influenced by the electrification of data. All of the text in the font was being interfered with by the radio waves, so I focused on the Mosaic effect.