5. From A Coffee BeanBook Design, Printing, Illustration

This is a book about how to make different kinds of coffee. The brown color tone and yellowish paper throughout the book are meant to convey to the reader the sense of ambiance that coffee brings to people. The whole book is about how to make coffee, and you can also consider it as a coffee recipe. But the focus of this cookbook is on how to visually represent the intrinsic ingredients of different coffee drinks and the different ratios of the ingredients. The process of making each type of coffee starts with an empty cup, and as the reader flips through, new ingredients are added step by step to form a final cup of coffee. In this process, the percentage of different ingredients in this cup of coffee also has a clear visual instruction.

The book is produced entirely in Riso printing to help convey the vintage atmosphere better. The color overlap resulting from the Riso printing is an important process in which the different ingredients are added to blend into a cup of coffee.