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The Kremna prophecy has sparked an idea for a unique project that explores the possibility of silicon-based life forms existing beyond our planet.

The Kremna Prophecy is said to have been passed down orally by two illiterate Serbian peasant farmers - Uncle Stojan Tarabic and his nephew Taradjanin - in the late 19th century. It is said that both of them had the ability to see the future. After his uncle's death, Stojan Tarabic requested a priest to record what he had seen. Later, these records were compiled into a book, which is considered to be the original version of the Kremna Prophecy. The prophecy contains a total of 34 predictions, including successful predictions of world wars, mobile phones, television and other technologies, which have received much attention.

The inspiration for this project comes from one of the prophecies, which states that in the future, people will drive carriage-like vehicles on the moon and other planets, searching for life forms. However, in the end, they will not be able to find life like us, although there is indeed life there, but they cannot understand and discover them. We have had moon exploration and tried to find life on the moon, but apart from some rocks, there is no evidence of the existence of any life. Based on these rocks and the prediction of lunar life in the prophecy, it reminded me of silicon-based life forms.

Based on the prophecy's prediction about extraterrestrial life, I embarked on an exploration of silicon-based life and imagined what silicon-based life forms might look like, what their survival conditions might be, and what their planetary geography might be like. From a physical standpoint, the atomic structure of silicon is larger than that of carbon, and silicon-based compounds are more stable than carbon-based compounds. These two physical conditions make it possible for silicon-based life forms to survive in high temperatures or other extreme environments, which would be fatal to carbon-based life forms. Therefore, the planetary environment in which silicon-based life forms live should be one of extreme temperatures and high pressure. The high pressure causes all gases on this planet to exist in liquid form, and such liquid gases occupy the vast majority of the planet's surface. As the liquid gases flow with geological activity, silicon-based life forms exist within them, and their form of existence is like the ocean world on our Earth, where liquid gases are like seawater, and silicon-based life forms are the creatures in this ocean.

Despite the harsh living conditions, silicon-based life forms are fortunate to live in a liquid gas environment, which helps to reduce the impact of high-pressure forces to some extent. Their bodies do not need to maintain a hard shell constantly to protect themselves, and the shell can become soft or hard depending on environmental changes. Due to their low mobility, the adaptable shell characteristics can better help them survive. As the silicon-based life forms flow with the liquid gas, their shells remain soft to help them move along with the gas flow, and when they encounter danger or exposure to harsh environments, the shell becomes hard to protect their bodies from harm. Even if some organisms have transparent shells, the flexible shell characteristics are sufficient to protect them. The shell is not only a protective shield for silicon-based life forms, but also a way for them to absorb nutrients. These creatures have beautiful and colorful appearances and tissue colors. Although they do not have mouths and cannot speak, they can communicate through electromagnetic waves. During the communication process, their bodies produce flowing colors based on their original colors. They are the inhabitants of this planet mainly dominated by silicon-based life forms.

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